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Headland Bo-La

Product details


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Advantages and properties of Headland Bo-La

  • Headland bo-La correct deficiency of this Elements in a lot of crops.
  • Prevent accumulation of Nitrogen into Leaves and speed transferring it to protein which lead to increase Crops in Quality and Quantity.
  • Increase rate of Sugar in Sugar Crops (Beet Suagar-Sugar Cane).
  • Increase growing of pollen which increase Vital and Fertility of Flowers and increase Nodes rate.
  • Increase growing of pollen grains which increase Vital and Fertility of Flowers and increase Nodes rate.
  • Decrease symptoms of red-stain and make crak tissue for fruits specially Apple and pear.
  • Reduce Symptoms of Hollow-heart in Potato and Strawberry,and Rotten Heart in Beet Sugar.
  • Reduce damage of Buds ,Roots and fruit falling.
  • Work on Fixing Calcium in cell wall which increase the ability of storage for Crops



Application Rate:

  • Used with rate 100 cc/ 100Lt water.
  • All kinds of Field and Garden Crops with Rate 600cm3/acre in spray (.5±7.5)ph.
  • Potato: Used with rate 600 cc/acre.
  • Wheat-Barley-Rice: Use with rate 400-600 cc/acre before expulsion of spikes.
  • Corn: Used with rate 400-600 cc before male inflorescene exit.
  • Cotton: Used with rate 400-600 cc/acre when first flower shown.
  • Sugar Beet: Used with rate 600 cc/acre before collecting.
  • Vegetable Crops: Used with rate 100cc/100 Lt water at beginning of Flowering.
  • Permanent leaves Fruits: Used with rate 1Lt /acre before 3 days of Flowering.
  • Falling Leaves Fruits: Used with rate 1L/acre  when nodes complete.
  • Clover: Used with rate 1Lt/acre repeat before evrey picking.
  • Grapes: Used with rate 600cc/acre when Grain reach size of Chickpeas.
  • Onions and Garlic: Used with rate 2-3 Lt /acre before Collecting.
  • Green Houses: Used with rate 100cc/100Lt water from beginning of flowering tell harvest end.




1 L , 20 L , 1000 L