Product details

Headland Mo

Product details

Liquid fertilizer to cure Molybdenum deficiency in crops


W / V


6 %








Headland Molybdenum is inorganic Liquid formulation designed for cost – effective correction of molybdenum deficiency in crops. Molybdenum is essential to the plant in small amount for fixation of nitrogen by enzyme systems and for nitrate reduction.

Molybdenum deficiency affects a number of crops but particularity Citrus, Melon, Cauliflowers and lettuce.


Headland Molybdenum is formulated with buffering agents and a modern surfactant system to ensure stability and effective cover and adhesion to foliage.




Timing and application rates:


Citrus: apply 1 L / fd on Spring shoots. Repeat if necessary after fruit setting and dung fruit growth stage.

Vegetables (melon, water melon, etc...): Apply 0.5-1 L / fd  just before flowering. Repeat if necessary after fruit set.

Brassicas (cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, etc...): Apply 0.5 — 1 L / fd  according to needs. In

Case of deficiency, apply as soon as there is sufficient foliage available to allow uptake by the plant. Treat transplanted crops at the seeding stage.


APPLICATION: Half-fill the spray tank with dean water, begin agitation and add the required quantity of Headland Molybdenum. Add the rest of the water and apply without delay.


COMPATIBIUTY: Headland Molybdenum is physically compatible with many spray-applied agricultural chemicals. Trial should be made first.




1 L