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Headland Potato Complex

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Properties and Advantages of Headland Potato Complex.

  • Foliar Fertilizer with balanced Combination to feed Potato Agriculture, insure complete cover and stable on leaves as it contains Material so no need to add any spread Materials.
  • Insure good vegetative growth.
  • Increase Chlorophyll which responsible for increasing production.
  • Increase the power of Cell Wall and tubers and fruits with stronger shell resist diseaces, bear storage and transport.




  • Headland Potato Complex: Used during spray to leaves with rate 1lt/300cc water diluted for acre with rate 2lt/600cc water.
  • Potato and Sweet potato: Start spray when total Leaves are enough to accommodate spray and repeat use from 3-4 times in season.
  • Beet Sugar: Apply from 1-2 sprays at the age of 80 days.
  • Legumes: Increase the ability of product storage and spray before collecting with one week
  • Falling Leaves Fruits: (Peach-Apricot-Plum.....etc) spray twice after Nodes and when coloring.
  • Grapes: Spray twice when Complete Vegetative growth and when Nodes and Before collection.
  • Citrus: Spray once after drip irrigation.

Notes: Headland potato Complex can be used for Field Crops and Horticultural which is sensitive for Nitrogen,Calcium,Magnisium with rate 1lt/300cc water or 2lt/acre

  • Grapes: used with rate 2lt/acre, dealing from the beginning of vegetation growth tell nodes complete.




1 L , 5 L , 10 L , 20 L , 1000 L