Product details

Product details


Concentration (w/v %)




5.5 – 6.6


Liquid fertilizer to cure calcium deficiency in crops

Vercal features:

  • Free from nitrogen and thus can be used in various stages of growth.
  • Calcium complexed with Lignosulphonic and adjuvants for improving mixing compatibility and spraying.
  • Eliminates brown spotting problem in after harvest stage, is also working to increase the expulsion of clusters and increase their ability to fullness, storage, and improve the overall bunches specifications, thus increasing their chance in export.
  • Vercal is designed for foliar application to wide range of crops to correct and prevent disorders related to calcium shortage in a wide range of agricultural, horticultural and fruit crops.
  • Eliminates blossom end rote phenomenon in fruits of tomato and pepper.
  • Easily absorbed under different acidity conditions of the soil and water.
  • Free from harmful substances such as chlorine, sulfate and sodium.
  • Acidic PH fertilizer increases the speed and efficiency of calcium absorption by the leaves.




Apply as a foliar spray with a concentration of 150-200 cc / 100 It water. The volume of water varies according to crop size. Avoid spraying in high temperatures. If spraying cannot be delayed, use the lower rate and apply at frequent intervals to give the same total amount over the season. Spraying In the late afternoon or early evening has been shown to reduce the risk of scorch. Young foliage is more susceptible to phytotodcity.

Tomato, pepper, melon, water melon, strawberries, etc...:  Apply 1 - 2 L/fd according to the deficiency before the start of flowering. Repeat 2-3 times at 10 - 15 day intervals after fruit setting.

Green houses crops:  Apply 1.5L / fd before Bartering. Repeat 3-4 times after fruit setting and during fruit growth stages.

 Apples, pears, peaches, citrus, olives, etc...:  Apply 1.25 -2 L / fd  from petal fall with 10-15 day intervals between each spray then repeat during the fruit growth stages with final application 10 - 15 days prior to harvest

 Grapes: Apply 0.75 - 1.25L / fd after fruit set and then repeat 2-3 times during the fruit growth stage till before the harvesting.

 Potatoes: Apply 2 L / fd at tuber Initiation. Repeat applications at 10- 15 day Intervals if needed.

Vegetables (carrots, lettuce, cabbage, etc...) apply 1L / fd when enough leaves to absorb the foliar spray. For carrots: repeat 2 - 3 applications at 10 - 15 day Intervals beginning at the pencil stage.

MIXING: Shake the container well before opening. Three-quarters fill the spray-tank with water and add Vercal slowly to the tank with agitation. Complete the filling and apply without delay.

 COMPATIBILITY: Vercal is physically and chemically compatible with a wide range of agrochemical products, Mixed with pesticides and Fungicides except alkalis and Copper complexes. (Experiment should be done first).




1 L, 5 L, 20 L