Product details

Solumest Solu humic

Product details

Solu Humic is a highly concentrated potassium humate source , a natural humic conditioner

100% water Soluble


Why Slou Humic ?

1.Soil fertility is at least as important as plant nutrition, if not more important.

2.Fertile soils act as a reservoir of available nutrients for the plant

3.Microbial activity is vital to keep soils fertile

Here’s where the Humic acids intervene:

●Restoring natural microbial balance of soils

(Source of Carbon for vital microbial activity that frees nutrients)

● Optimization of nutrient uptake

(frees nutrients by converting them into forms adequate for plants)

●Enhance cation exchange capacity

(Complexation of ions)         




Increase Phosphate availability

 (formation of humo-phosphate available for uptake)

Reduce leaching specifically that of NO3

(by increasing root activity)

Increase the water holding capacity of the soil

 (helps breaking compacting soils)

Humic acid Importance


If your soil is fertile enough

(what Humic Acids do)

you can reduce your fertilization

and by this, reduce your costs!



Recommended Usage Crop

5 Kg/acre in a week

6-8 Kg/acre in a whole season


1 Kg/acre in a week

10-15 Kg/acre in a whole season





10 KG