Product details

PLANTA 20-20-20

Product details

  • Fertilizer can be used by spraying paper as well as soil with irrigation water.
  • Fertilizer has an acidic effect on the irrigation solution, which achieves the best absorption of nutrients under different soil conditions.
  • Free of poisonous chlorine of the plant.
  • With a balanced structure that makes it more suitable for use in saline-affected areas.
  • Fertilizer suitable for all types of vegetables, field crops, fruit trees and ornamental plants of various stages of growth.
  • It is used very efficiently under different irrigation systems with higher degree than other fertilizer compounds, since it is made of high purity materials that are completely soluble in water.
  • It is characterized by a low acidity, which helps the absorption speed and optimum utilization of the plant.
  • Fertilizer used during the first growth stages of the plant to increase and strengthen the root mass, as well as in the stage of flowering buds to improve flowers and nodes.
  • Accepts mixing with most pesticides, fungicides and other fertilizers except alkaline ones.
  • Contains the sulfur component, which is one of the important and main components of the synthesis of many essential amino acids in the synthesis of proteins. It also enters the sulfur in the formation of glycosides such as sangarine, which gives the special smell and taste of some plant species such as onions and garlic.



Ozzet 20%
Phosphorus (F2A5 dissolved in water) 20%
Potassium (P2A) 20%
sulfur 4.14%



  • Spraying paper: 200 - 300 g / 100 liters of water.
  • Add to soil surface with irrigation water: at an average of 2-4 kg / fed.



25 Kg