Product details

PLANTA 19-19-19

Product details

  • Includes many of the major nutrients necessary for optimal growth in a balanced form that stimulates vegetable growth, increase the number of flowers and fruits, reduce the precipitation and increase productivity.
  • A fertilizer with a balanced structure makes it more suitable for use in saline-affected lands.
  • It can be used during the first growth stages of the plant to increase and strengthen the root mass, as well as in the stage of flowering buds to improve flowers and nodes.
  • It is easily absorbed by leaves in the case of paper fertilization and by roots when added by soil.
  • Increases the hardness of the cellular walls, leading to resistance to the phenomenon of broth as in the wheat plant.
  • Contains the sulfur component, which is one of the important and main components of the synthesis of many essential amino acids in the synthesis of proteins. It also enters the sulfur in the formation of glycosides such as sangarine, which gives the special smell and taste of some plant species such as onions and garlic.
  • Increases plant resistance against wilt and leaf thinning as well as rapid frost resistance and high temperature.
  • Mixable with most common paper fertilizers and pesticides. Pre-blended testing is preferred.
  • Highly efficient fertilizer in all types of land including alkaline soil.
  • Suitable for all types of crops that suffer from phosphorus deficiency.


Formulation :

Ozzet 19%
Phosphorus (F2A5 dissolved in water) 19%
Potassium (P2A) 19%
sulfur 5.4%



• Spraying paper: 200-300 g / 100 liters of water.
• In addition to the surface of the soil with irrigation water: an average of 2 - 4 kg / fed.



25 Kg