Product details

PLANTA 6-6-44

Product details


  • Includes many of the major nutrients necessary for optimal growth, which stimulate vegetative growth, increase the number of flowers and fruits, reduce precipitation and increase productivity.
  • It is easily absorbed by leaves in the case of paper fertilization and by roots when added by soil.
  • Increases the hardness of the cellular walls, leading to resistance to the phenomenon of broth as in the wheat plant.
  • Increases plant resistance against wilt and leaf decay, as well as rapid frost resistance and high heat resistance.
  • Contains the important sulfur component of the plant, which works to improve the specifications and quality of fruits in all crops, vegetables and fruit trees.
  • Mixable with most paper fertilizers and pesticides are commonly used and pre-blended testing is preferred.
  • Highly efficient fertilizer in all types of land including alkaline land.
  • Suitable for all types of crops, especially those suffering from potassium deficiency.


Formulation :

Ozzet                                                                  6%
Phosphorus (F2A5 dissolved in water)              6%
Potassium (P2A)                                                44%
sulfur                                                                  14.43%



• Paper spraying: 200-300 g / 100 liters of water before flowering and after the contract.
• Add to soil surface with irrigation water: at a rate of 2-4 kg / fed.



25 Kg