Product details

Headland Hi-Phos

Product details


( w/v)%





Magnesium (MgO)



PH : 4


Properties and Advantages of Headland Hi-phos

  • It contains Phosphorus-Potassium-Magnisium In one balanced Compound.
  • High Phosphorus to get strong roots and to insure necessary power for plant in different growing stages.
  • Potasium is for balanced feed, improving immunity and increase sugar rate and starches in Fruits.
  • Magnisium for better Vegetative growth and better Photosynthesis due to positive reaction with phosphorus.
  • Magnisium protect Plant from physiological diseases like (Black Stem) in Grapes.



 Application Rate:

  • Headland Hi-phos: Used during spray to leaves for all Agricultures with rate 200-300cm/100cc water with diluition rate 1-2 L/600 cc Water /acre.
  • Potatoes: First Treatment 2 L/acre from beginning of injection to increase Tubers then repeat second application with the same rate after 21 days to improve Size and quality of tubers.
  • Strawberry: First application 2 L/acre from beginning of Vegetative growth after two weeks from agriculture then repeat application with same rate evry 10 days.
  • Tomatoes: From the beginning of the six leave with rate 1L/acre then repeat with break 10 days with the same rate.
  • Onions: From age of 60 days with rate 2 L/acre then repeat treatment with break 10-14 days with same rate
  • Green house Crops: Start application before Branching with rate 0.3L/100L water then repeat with same rate every 15 days.
    Second Treatment: After Nodes Stage with rate 1-2 L/acre then repeat one time with break 14 days.
  • Banana:Two applications at beginning of spring with rate 1-2 L/acre with 10 days break start from Nodes stage.
  • Peanuts: First application when Injection from age 45-50 days with rate 2L/acre.
    Second application from 2-3 L/acre for one time.




1 L , 20 L , 1000 L