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Manvert Fruitsetter

Product details




3,75 %


7,4 %


14,8 %

Amino acids

5,0 %

Organic acids

0,43 %

                        Liquid fertilizer contains Nitrogen and phosphorus which are important to plant, also rich with Molybdenum an important element to plants. More over being in liquid form make it easy to be absorbed by roots or by leaves.

Manvert Fruitsetter  Specifications:

  • Manvert Fruitsetter contains molybdenum, Nitrogen and phosphorus with high concentration which insure good photosynthesis.
  •  Manvert Fruitsetter contains amino acids, phosphorus and nitrogen which enhance the assimilation and effectiveness of molybdenum.
  • Manvert Fruitsetter helps controlling Vegetative growth and enhances plant genes.
  •  Manvert Fruitsetter specifically produced to increase crop productivity.
  • Manvert Fruitsetter appropriate to correct and prevent molybdenum deficiencies in all crops especially those in which molybdenum is essential for good plant development such as cucurbits (cucumber, melon, watermelon, zucchini … etc).
  • Manvert Fruitsetter motivates physiological processes needed to increase flowering and fixing nodes.
  • Different sources of nitrogen lead to speed absorption by plant.
  • Balanced PH (7) which is Very appropriate leaf PH number.
  • Molybdenum in Manvert Fruitsetter works on :
    • Proper pollen production
    • Increase pollen grains fertility which insures the existence of good flowers, good node, and better fruit size.
    • Proper nitrogen assimilation by plant due that catalyses the conversion of nitric to protein.
    • Molybdenum could be absorbed very fast and also essential in creating several enzymes.
  • Manvert Fruitsetter has high percentage of phosphorous which work as:
  • Roots activation, increase plant ability to absorb trace elements from soil and insure energy in all age levels.
  • Improve molybdenum assimilation , increase flowering, node and increase growth, increase plant resistance all environmental conditions ( cold, heat, wind, rain, Salinity, stress period )
  • Enhance the vegetative growth
  • Increase plant hormone production inside the plant.
  • Enhance the crop during and after a stress period.
  • Improve nutrient uptake by the plant.
  • Amino Acids in Manvert Fruitsetter helps in:
  • Amino acids in form of glutamic acid which give the plant its needs from amino acids in all growth levels which leads to increase immunity inside the plant.
  • Manvert fruitsetter used as a fertilizer to all crops, vegetables and fruits in different growth levels.

Ability of Mixing:

Could be mixed with all foliar fertilizers except ones that contains copper.

Could be mixed with most Pesticides and Fungicides except mineral oils or alkalis or copper compounds or elemental "sulphur or dimethoate".

Note: Must not mix with compounds that have PH less than 4.

Recommendations and application:

Manvert Fruit setter could be absorbed by vegetative group and roots so it could be used in foliar application and root application.


1 – Foliar application: 100 – 200 cc / 100 L water "depending on deficiencies level"
2 – Root application: 0,5 – 1,0 L / Acre  "depending on deficiencies level in irrigation water "



In vegetables

From 4 to 5 real leaves

In trefoil and fodder crop

From 12 to 14 cm, and one after two weeks from harvesting.


In start of opening and before flowering and growth stage


Permanently leaves trees before flowering and in maturity.



         Bottles  1L , 5 L, 20 L, 1000L