Product details

Hefefol 19-19-19

Product details


Nitrogen                        19    
Phosphorus                  19     
Potasium                       19    


Properties and Advantages of Chelan Sol 19-19-19

balanced Fertilizer Rabid soluble valid to all Irrigation Systems.It also can Spray to leaves with different Concentrations.

Compound Fertilizer Free of Chlorid.

Nitrogen is important to make Protoplasm which form all living Cells.It also share in Amino acid and Protein and Chlorophyll.

Phosphorus responsible for transformation of carbohydrate Materials like Starch transformation to secure share  in Power bearer Compounds it also Important to form Roots.

Potasium responsible to Transform proteins,sugar,Colours and Size of Fruits.




Folliar Application:

General Rate for use (Dilution Rate)200-300gm/100lt Water.

Delution rate for Acre:2-3kg/600lt/acre.

Trees:used in all Kinds of Trees at beginning of growing Season with Rate 4-5 kg/acre at One Application.


Vegetables:Tomatos-Watermelon-Cucumber-EggPlant-Pepper-Melon-Onions-Carrot-CauliFlower)with rate 2-3kg/acre at one Application.

Hothouseplant:used with rate 50-100gm/100lt by watering.

Drip irrigation with Rate 2-5kg/acre.



25 kg